Episode 99: Katy Bowman


Description: On today’s show, Brad sits down with world renowned biomechanist, author, and blogger Katy Bowman. Katy, a previous guest on the show, has started an entire movement (pardon the pun) around getting people to rethink exercise in the context of their everyday lives. The world of exercise is usually divided up into two camps: those who don’t exercise at all and those who overdo it. But Katy makes the case for how introducing fluid, varied movement in our everyday experiences can pay dividends for health in the long run. She takes the concept of the golden mean and applies it to the kinds of activity our bodies have evolved to require for optimal health.

Brad and Katy cover topics from Active Coach Potato Syndrome, fluid mechanics as nourishment, reevaluating the definition of exercise, the compromise between physical activity and productivity, the evolutionary roots of why we need to move, and the practical application of exercising holistically. So if you have a body, you won’t want to miss today’s episode!

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Show Notes:

  • Why is the Don’t Just Sit There movement getting so much attention and how is it presented? [00:04:17]
  • What’s the main concept driving the DJST movement? [00:07:57]
  • How can you move more without decreasing productivity? [00:09:40]
  • What is Active Couch Potato Syndrome? [00:13:37]
  • How does one balance the energy use between high intensity workouts and being sedentary? [00:17:58]
  • How movement is a mechanical load used as nourishment. [00:18:55]
  • Why it’s important to expand our ideas about what constitutes exercise. [00:22:15]
  • What are the health challenges involved when an athlete ignores the holistic approach to movement? [00:27:57]
  • Where does the pushback to the DJST movement come from? [00:30:52]
  • How do current methods of exercise differ from the evolutionary techniques in The Primal Blueprint. [00:35:13]
  • How is excessive exercise a risk factor for heart problems? [00:39:55]
  • How does Katy set the tone for the healthy lifestyle she leads? [00:42:02]
  • Why do we have shoes? [00:47:53]
  • What are some tips that can help listeners incorporate some of these valuable lessons into the family? [00:49:51]

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