Fitness Philosophy, Being Patient, Getting Back in Shape, Carb/Fasting Strategies

Description: Host Brad Kearns covers a lovely assortment of fitness-related questions, comments, success stories and philosophical musings about whether the MAF approach (slow down, less stress, more rest) might work in all areas of hectic modern life. Other topics: Cold winter swims, grassfed versus pasture-raised, going for it at races instead of worrying about MAF, making adjustments to escape the carb dependency training and eating pattern, being patient with MAF improvement, getting back into shape 85 pounds after college, the benefits (and leeway for carbs) you get from fasting in a 20-4 pattern, and cool stuff like orange lenses and ionizing air filters

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One thought on “Fitness Philosophy, Being Patient, Getting Back in Shape, Carb/Fasting Strategies

  1. Starpaws

    As a person Brad is delightful. As an announcer, God please someone get him some training. His second delay between words when he’s trying to emphasize, which is often is so aggravating I’ve stopped listening, only to go back as I want the info. but without the annoyance. Sorry kid, it’s not personal.


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