Keto Episode #206: The Liver Show (aka, Keto vs Carbo…Whoa!)

Host Brad Kearns talks about the contrast between liver function in a carb dependency state (hint: overwhelmed in processing excess glucose into fat and eventually becoming insulin resistant) versus a fat- and keto-adapted liver function (elegant regulation and dispensation of the exact amount of energy you need in your bloodstream any time. Enjoy a great excerpt from the Keto Reset Diet called “Keto vs Carbo…Whoa!”

The amazing liver is the control tower for energy processing and distribution throughout your entire body. It’s amazing to reflect on the liver’s exquisite regulation of blood glucose within an incredibly tight range at all times. Our optimal circulating glucose level is only around five grams (a teaspoon) within a total blood volume of around 1.5 gallons (5.5 liters) of blood. In the typical modern human carbohydrate dependency eating pattern, your liver will fight valiantly under adverse circumstances to keep you energy balanced until finally it succumbs to insulin resistance and you end up with type II diabetes. In a fat- and keto-adapted eating pattern, you allow your liver to really shine; energy to brain and body is readily available, and no wasted energy or inflammation from excess caloric intake and hormonal imbalances.

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2 thoughts on “Keto Episode #206: The Liver Show (aka, Keto vs Carbo…Whoa!)

  1. maritn

    I just listened to your #206 podcast “Keto Episode #206: The Liver Show (aka, Keto vs Carbo…Whoa!)” and enjoyed it very much. Nutrition is very key to my health. Finding the right diet balance has varied much over the past 18 months. I’m a double lung and liver transplant patient, actually recipient. Its been roughly 18 months since my surgery. As you can imagine, I’ve learned much about the importance and function of our remarkable human body and especially the overlooked liver. Keeping the liver and indirectly the kidney healthy is very important to me. I mention the kidney because my ever changing diet and the vast amount of medications I take keep me alive and going forward, but can beat up the liver and kidney. I should also mention that the surgeons had to removed my gall bladder during the surgery as well. My question is this, can I or should I entertain this type of diet, a Keto diet? Would it help or hurt my goal to maintain my health, weight and energy levels? I realize you would need to understand many more variables about me… just searching for some answers. Thanks in advance for you guidance.


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