Keto Episode #210: Overview of the Keto Reset Diet Journey

Description: Host Brad Kearns walks you through Chapter 1 of The Keto Reset Diet—the what, when and how of keto. First, resetting your metabolism to ditch carb dependency. Then doing some fine-tuning to improve your metabolic flexibility. Finally, a six-week immersion into nutritional ketosis. Keto is the default human genetic factory setting; we have likely spent more time in keto-mode over the past 2.5 million years, because carbohydrates were never abundant until civilized times, and often regular calorie consumption was not assured either.

Brad explains that if you do the journey correctly, there will be no struggling and suffering involved, because you will be getting a nutrient-dense diet. Regarding the widely-touted 50 grams of daily gross carbohydrate intake limit for keto, you can discount the contribution of avocados, leafy greens, and other high fiber above ground vegetables, since they have minimal net carb contribution. Brad talks a bit about blood testing and the surprising phenomenon of highly fat- and keto-adapted individuals delivering low blood values even with lots of fasting and keto-aligned eating. Also, the meters can be wildly off, as you can see at the @BradKearns1 Instagram account. Check out the post of 3 different machine readouts from the same blood prick showing wildly disparate numbers—from pre-diabetic to hard-core keto stud. All in all, a good overview of what the Keto Reset journey is all about.

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One thought on “Keto Episode #210: Overview of the Keto Reset Diet Journey

  1. Marco

    I tried keto two years ago and did it very wrong i.e. did not listen to my body asking for some glucose after two weeks and ate tons of butter seeking for energy to come back and I crashed…but it gave me an unespected gift: i quit smoking and never started again. It seems smoking addiction was stricly linked to carb binge for me. Now…after one year of plant based whole food plus IF I gave up vegsanism that was creating so many problems (I finally started to listen to my body instead to follow ideas) and see that this period was a nice preparation period on the long: no junk nor refined carbs and no carb at all exept in the evening. Nevertheless as vegan I ate tons of carbs in the evening in the form of whole starches which never liberated me from carb-dependency so despite IF at mid afternoon I had crahes, fatigue and high cortisol. Within few days by reducing starchy carbs to max 50-70 and the rest only (many) green vegetables and some nuts…well a night/day change! No more tired after the break meal no more ups and downs and no more keto flu I had practically every day at the end of fasting window (16-18h). Thank you a lot for the info and podcasts!


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