Episode #218: Dr Cate Shanahan, Part 2

Description: Co-hosts Brad Kearns and Dr. Lindsay Taylor welcome Dr. Cate Shanahan for a long-awaited grilling on assorted matters of keto that are often misunderstood and disputed. As always, Dr. Cate sets listeners straight with her crisp explanations and reasoning. Some of the topics discussed including the debate about the role of dietary fat in keto efforts (high fat intake does NOT drive keto; it’s low carb/limited insulin). Cate drops the whopper insight that in a fully fed state, the liver will not produce ketones, it will just convert extra fat calories into cholesterol. Folks, this is BIG NEWS because it shatters one of the big misconceptions that keto is about stuffing your face with fat or chugging down high-fat coffee in the name of keto. If you want to get a clear and comprehensive education on keto, you can’t miss this show! Other topics covered include the difference between burning fat and ketones, whether the numbers do or don’t matter, and much more from this lively roundtable with Cate, Lindsay, and Brad!

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One thought on “Episode #218: Dr Cate Shanahan, Part 2

  1. Marco

    I am so happy to have listen to this podcast. What she says is so close to what my instinct suggests despite all the “extreme” diets I tried with big motivation and control. I consider extreme every diet that considers one of the macros as “evil” not considering the source and the amount. Of the 4 macros as she suggests the only one that never disappointed me is fasting but I have to stick to a nice balance of the 3 other macros and keep the carbs at evening. I used to exceed when I was vegan and it got me evident insuline issues expecially with grains and becouse of being in the 400-500gr range that was really not wise no matter how low omega6 etc. Keto, if one means the max 50gr carbs, does not work for me either, after some days I have no energy for sport, but 100-150 is a real sweet spot. My gut improved a lot after removing the grains but I suspect that the amount is also an issue. I still eat some beans for instance but use them as starch (not as protein source as they were considered when vegetarian) with no problems, they give me the just slowly released carbs I need and am no more edgy/lethargic as in my vegan very high-carb period


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