Episode #224: How to Make It to the 6-Week Mark With Nutritional Ketosis

Description: Host Brad Kearns offers some important tips to make your first foray into nutritional ketosis a success. As you may know, the complete Keto Reset journey entails a 21-Day Metabolism Reset, a fine-tuning period of morning fasting, followed by a minimum 6-week stint of nutritional ketosis. Regardless of your long-term keto strategy, completing a single Keto Reset journey and staying keto for at least six weeks affords you the highest level of metabolic flexibility, which you can leverage into long-term benefits. Even when well prepared, it can be tough to make it through the initial weeks of keto, since you are making such a dramatic transition from your lifelong #1 fuel source of glucose over to fat and ketones. Follow the guidelines offered in the show to make sure you succeed out of the gate and hang in to the magic six-week mark and perhaps beyond (since it gets super easy by then!)

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2 thoughts on “Episode #224: How to Make It to the 6-Week Mark With Nutritional Ketosis

  1. Cynthia

    I am 1 week past the 21 day reset. I’m having a struggle on how many carbs, fat ,protein and came. It seems as though all of the Keto calcators are different. I really need some guidance here past logging my food to make sure I am doing g this correctly.
    Thanks much

    1. Team Grok Post author

      Yes, you will find a lot of different answers out there because there really isn’t one “right” way to implement a ketogenic eating strategy. What you want to do is find a reasonable starting point, give it some time, and then adjust accordingly if you aren’t getting the results you want. Don’t stress about being perfect from day 1, it’s a learning process and for many people a healing process. (Check out episode of the Primal Blueprint Podcast with Lindsay Taylor and Shawn Mynar for more about this topic!)


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