Monthly Archives: May 2015

Episode 69: Ted McDonald


Description: Elle chats with Ted McDonald, who is a yoga teacher, endurance athlete, fitness trainer and entrepreneur. With over a decade of experience teaching yoga, Ted founded a company called Adventures Yoga Retreats, which takes people on fitness excursions to transform their lives. In addition, Ted is also the designated yoga teacher for the Tour de France BMC racing team. In today’s show, he discusses his journey to adopting a primal lifestyle after finding out, as a self-perceived fit individual, that he was insulin resistant. He hones in on the fundamentals of yoga practice, how many carbs to include in your diet, and the compatibility of endurance training with a primal diet.

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Episode 68: Nicolette Hahn Niman


Description: Mike DiLandro hosts today’s episode and talks to Nicolette Hahn Niman, the brilliant author behind Defending Beef. Nicolette works on a cattle ranch in Northern California, has two young sons, and has gained national notoriety for writing and speaking about sustainable farming. Besides running a cattle ranch, Nicolette has had a long career as an environmental lawyer in the field of pollution related to the poultry and livestock industry. On today’s show, she helps cut through the misinformation about livestock sustainability and offers solutions to the environmental impacts we face in creating a healthier, more sustainable, and environmentally conscious system for meat production.

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Episode 67: Dr. Al Danenberg


Description: Today’s episode, hosted by Elle Russ, features seasoned periodontist Dr. Alvin Danenberg (Dr. Dan). After experiencing a health crisis several years ago, he explored alternative ways to get himself off medications and back on track. After doing his due diligence, he came across the Primal/Paleo path, recovered his health, and never looked back. He credits the lifestyle for his recovery and continues to research and advocate for the importance of a Primal lifestyle for his patients. As a means to learn more about the nutrition, lifestyle, and behavior modifications necessary to achieve success, he eventually became a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert. You can check out his current insights, research, and anecdotes at his blog,

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Episode 66: Annie Botticelli


Description: Elle Russ hosts today’s podcast and talks to Annie Botticelli, a paleo life coach with a spiritual edge. Annie talks about her journey from suffering with chronic health problems, ranging from cystic acne to digestive issues, to enjoying optimal physical and emotional well-being. She specializes in the nutritional guidelines of a Primal diet, but also integrates her own spiritual and emotional counseling services to provide a holistic approach to wellness. On today’s show, she touches upon the ideas of guilt, forgiveness, the morality of meat eating, and even the fundamental nature of the universe that informs her perspectives on life. Tune in to get a great schooling on the big picture perspective of Primal living.

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