Episode 67: Dr. Al Danenberg


Description: Today’s episode, hosted by Elle Russ, features seasoned periodontist Dr. Alvin Danenberg (Dr. Dan). After experiencing a health crisis several years ago, he explored alternative ways to get himself off medications and back on track. After doing his due diligence, he came across the Primal/Paleo path, recovered his health, and never looked back. He credits the lifestyle for his recovery and continues to research and advocate for the importance of a Primal lifestyle for his patients. As a means to learn more about the nutrition, lifestyle, and behavior modifications necessary to achieve success, he eventually became a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert. You can check out his current insights, research, and anecdotes at his blog, drdanenberg.com/blog.

Show Notes:

Dr. Dan talks about having a stroke, despite having done all the right things according to conventional wisdom. [01:16]
How Dr. Dan found a phenomenal 5-day nutrition course that taught him how everything he was doing was wrong. [05:27]
Why didn’t cavemen have gum disease? [08:02]
What are acellular carbohydrates and why are they relevant? [11:21]
What are the signs and symptoms of gum disease? [13:23]
How Dr. Dan’s periodontal practice uses nutrition to help patients. [17:50]
How to achieve great oral health and get rid of virulent bacteria. [20:50]
How coconut and oregano oil can be an effective mouth wash. [22:21]
The relationship between jaw development and breast-feeding. [27:55]
Why Dr. Dan added Primal Blueprint Certified Expert to his credentials. [31:18]
How every month of healthy eating can heal every year of manifested disease. [37:08]
Go to drdanenberg.com to learn more about his work and stay tuned for the release of his new book, The Gum Protocol: Is your diet giving you Gum Disease? [38:38]

Selected Links from the Episode:
Acellular carbohydrates
Dr. Danenberg
“The Gum Protocol: Is your diet giving you Gum Disease?”
Nutritional Intensive for Healthcare Professionals
Oregano Oil
The Coconut Oil Miracle
Virulent bacteria
Why is My Jaw Shrinking?

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