Episode 66: Annie Botticelli


Description: Elle Russ hosts today’s podcast and talks to Annie Botticelli, a paleo life coach with a spiritual edge. Annie talks about her journey from suffering with chronic health problems, ranging from cystic acne to digestive issues, to enjoying optimal physical and emotional well-being. She specializes in the nutritional guidelines of a Primal diet, but also integrates her own spiritual and emotional counseling services to provide a holistic approach to wellness. On today’s show, she touches upon the ideas of guilt, forgiveness, the morality of meat eating, and even the fundamental nature of the universe that informs her perspectives on life. Tune in to get a great schooling on the big picture perspective of Primal living.

Show Notes:

  • How going Paleo eliminated Annie’s cystic acne, recurring earaches, digestive problems, and
  • sleep problems [01:14]
  • How meditation inspired a Paleo conversion. [06:38]
  • How Annie overcame her hesitancy over eating meat. [08:36]
  • The importance of raising meat properly. [12:37]
  • The “organ of discernment” and where 80 percent of our nutrients are absorbed. [16:13]
  • Why are probiotics and omega-3s so important? [20:19]
  • How kicking sugar to the curb can help weight loss, psoriasis, inflammation and osteoporosis. [23:48]
  • What is the holographic nature of the universe? [28:10]
  • Unity and quantum physics. [32:10]
  • Blaming others and the trap of victimhood. [34:30]
  • The negativity of guilt. [37:14]
  • Why forgiveness is key. [38:41]
  • How to manage your unhealthy emotions. [43:44]
  • The SHINE program: a 28-day virtual coaching program with spiritual and mental exercises that help you shine and control your own destiny. [45:33]
  • How Annie uses astrology in dealing with probability. [53:07]
  • How you see things is how you are open to experiences. [55:17]

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One thought on “Episode 66: Annie Botticelli

  1. ingrid

    Hi, I am one of those people Annie helped with her coaching. Not only has she helped me, i believe she SAVED my life. Her approach is so kind and tender and human. Going through the dark night of the soul has become a gift for me thanks to Annie, who helped me realize that the power to heal my life lies within me exclusively!

    Thank you Annie. You totally ROCK ! YAY !



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