Episode #10: On All Things Play with Darryl Edwards


Description: Darryl Edwards joins host Brad Kearns broadcasting from PrimalCon Vacation Tulum to talk about his favorite subject: Play! Darryl has made a big splash at the last several PrimalCons, taking guests out of their comfort zones to rediscover their playful, childlike spirits. Darryl is the author of Paleo Fitness, and founder of Fitness Explorer Training & Nutrition based in London, England. Darryl discusses how to make your ordinary workouts become more fun and inspiring, not just with practical suggestions but also in the cultivation of a playful attitude.

Topic timestamps:
Play is serious play: 00:51
Realizing the benefits of play: 01:29
For those who hate exercise: 02:42
Creating a play experience: 04:31
Darryl’s website: 06:01
Motivation: 07:28
Making the run more playful: 08:57
What about bad weather?: 10:19
Dealing with resistance to play: 12:09
Dealing with embarrassment: 13:24
Play sessions create bonding: 15:25
Boxer vs. Chihuahua: 18:02
Observing child’s play: 22:01
Playing for strength: 24:43

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