Episode #9: Guest Steve Levine Discusses Everyday Primal Blueprint Success Principles

Success Principles

Description: Steve Levine is an ordinary guy with an extraordinary passion for primal living. A voracious consumer of all available written and audio material in the primal/paleo/ancestral health community, Steve joins the Primal Blueprint podcast to discuss his personal journey and success with transitioning out of the Standard American Diet into a primal lifestyle. Steve, an attorney by trade, has a refreshing and passionate perspective that will be helpful for both newcomers to primal living and reaffirming and enlightening to hard-core primal folks. He has taken a methodical, critical thinking approach to all aspects of the movement to create a personal success formula that he has followed for nearly a decade. Give it a listen and hang on for a fun ride with Primal Blueprint enthusiast Steve Levine!

Topic timestamps:
How Steve got started/Gary Taubes: 01:22
Moving every day: 03:00
Simple start for exercise regime: 04:19
Internet information/Intermittent fasting: 04:55
How do you get to this point of fasting?: 08:22
Intestinal problems/Safe starches: 11:05
Managing weight: 12:35
What kind of carbs work?: 14:52
What vegetables are a good source of carbs?: 15:26
Controlling appetite: 16:32
Concern re:muscle wasting: 18:35
Showing results in bloodwork: 20:37
Caution: 22:24
80/20 Rule: 23:17
Breakfast most important meal: 24:23
It is not that difficult: 25:11

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3 thoughts on “Episode #9: Guest Steve Levine Discusses Everyday Primal Blueprint Success Principles

  1. Paul

    Hi, I loved the interview with Steve Levine. Please keep them coming.

    I have a question re grains. I have been off grains for a while but reintroduce sprouted grains to deactivate the enzyme inhibiters that I do myself. I supplied my greens all winter by sprouting. I follow as much as possible a Palio diet and go to Cross Fit. Once the grains have sprouted a tail I make some enzyme water, then dry them in a dehydrator or make fermented cheese, flat breads and other meals.

    Could you please give me your take re consuming sprouted grains/seeds. The reason I do is for the enzymes, the micro nutrients and some grains (like Quinoa are extremely high in proteins. I use only organic and stay as fa as possible from GMO.

    Thank you


  2. Tsmst

    I loved the interview with Steve Levine. I find stories about real people living the Primal lifestyle very helpful in my journey. Steve is very knowledgeable and was able to convey the science in a way that is easy for a lay person to understand. I would like to see more “real life” stories and particularly would like to hear more from Steve.

  3. tom hitt

    Good show – listened to it while I did my morning workout. It was great receiving some affirmation that I’m on the right track with my diet. Thanks for the podcast! ~Tom~


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