Episode 100: Cindy Barbieri


Description: Today’s show features a lively (and mouthwatering) talk between host Elle Russ and paleo cook Cindy Barbieri. In the last few years, there’s been a huge movement within the primal/paleo community to find more nutritionally friendly ways to recreate traditional recipes we all love. Of the many cuisines that present unique challenges to paleo adaptations, Italian food is probably one of the hardest that comes to mind. With gluten or grains as a staple to what many consider timeless recipes (whether we’re talking about pizza or pasta), one would think that making Italian food paleo is a pretty foolhardy pursuit. But on today’s show Cindy shares how she’s been able to crack the code!

Cindy and Elle discuss how Cindy got into cooking as a pastime, why going paleo was the right switch for her and her husband, and how’s she’s been able to adapt a whole slew of her favorite, non-paleo dishes into nutritionally sound versions of their former selves.

Do you miss Italian food like a long lost friend? Then you won’t want to miss out on today’s episode for a welcome primal/paleo reunion!

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Show Notes:

  • How did Cindy get into cooking originally? [00:01:11]
  • What were some of the first things she started experimenting with? [00:05:39]
  • How can you cook Italian food and still be Paleo?  What happens to the pasta? [00:08:14]
  • What are some things Cindy and her husband have noticed physically after switching to Paleo? [00:12:38]
  • What’s the deal with prepackaged Paleo pasta? [00:14:45]
  • Cindy’s website is packed with recipes and more are being added constantly. [00:15:40]
  • What Paleo friendly adaptations is Cindy looking forward to giving a try in the kitchen? [00:18:30]
  • Are there some tricks one can use to make a Paleo bread or Paleo cookie that still taste good? [00:19:54]
  • Why Cindy’s favorite chapter of her book is the seafood section. [00:22:35]
  • Does it take a lot of time and preparation to do Cindy’s Italian/Paleo style of cooking? [00:24:02]
  • What is in the future for Cindy? [00:27:24]
  • Check out one of Cindy’s many recipes at cindystable.com. [00:28:30]

Selected Links from the Episode:
Cindy Barbieri
Paleo Italian Cooking

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