Episode 106: Bethany Hamilton

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Description: Host Elle Russ sits down with Surfing Champion, motivational speaker, mother and all around inspiration, Bethany Hamilton.

For those of you not familiar with today’s incredible guest, she has been an amazing source of inspiration and hope to millions of people. During a surf session in 2003, at the age of 13, Bethany was attacked by a 14-foot tiger shark, resulting in the loss of her left arm, which seemed to end her career as a professional surfer. However, Bethany rose to (and far beyond) the challenge, was back in the water a month after and took home her first national surfing title a little over a year later.

13 years after what seems like a horrible event, Bethany says she wouldn’t change a thing and talks about how her experience ended up bringing such positivity and strength to her life and how she channels that to bring hope to others.

Bethany’s latest book, Body and Soul, is a health, fitness and nutrition resource that teaches young women how to care for their bodies beyond the over-emphasis on physical appearance.

Tune in today for this very special episode you don’t want to miss!

Show Notes:

  • Who is this inspirational young woman? [00:01:37]
  • How did this horrible incident in her life become a positive event in your life? [00:03:01]
  • What is it like to be standing in front of others who are suffering as you try to give them strength? [00:04:20]
  • How could you get back into the water so quickly? [00:06:48]
  • Bethany tells about going to Thailand to help children with their fears after the tsunami. [00:09:00]
  • “Body and Soul” is a new book by Bethany for young girls about living a healthy life. [00:10:49]
  • What is like to be a mother? What are the challenges with having only one arm? [00:13:41]
  • What are the changes you have seen since going on a healthier lifestyle? [00:16:07]
  • What is Bethany doing now? [00:20:05]
  • Are there some special moments or people she remembers from her speaking tours? [00:23:07]
  • Are there upcoming competitions for this professional surfer? When is the documentary releasing? [00:26:41]
  • What would you tell someone who doesn’t have the family support that you had through your ordeal? [00:27:39]

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