Episode 108: Dave Dollé


Description: Host Brad Kearns sits down with Dave Dollé, personal trainer and co-Author of Fruit Belly. Today we’re diving deep into Dave’s background and current career endeavors, including how he manages his two training facilities and keeps his clients motivated.

Show Notes:

  • Who is Dave and what is he doing in Switzerland? [00:01:49]
  • What happened when he made the transition from athlete to coach? [00:03:54]
  • Is the message about the importance of a healthy lifestyle getting attention? [00:09:15]
  • Are there some mistakes that the casual fitness enthusiast makes? [00:11:20]
  • Is there a difference between being healthy and being fit and how do you balance them? [00:13:52]
  • How important is it to learn proper breathing? [00:16:40]
  • When working with clients, how do you determine what they need? [00:19:26]
  • Can you get away with 100-meter effort without paying attention to your breathing? [00:26:28]
  • What is the relative contribution of genetics compared to training in being a high-level sprinter? [00:28:58]
  • How does a high-level sprinter train? [00:30:35]
  • How does sprinting work with the average client with fat loss goals? [00:35:24]
  • What is the effect of cortisol? [00:38:50]
  • What about the neurotransmitters?  Dave talks about designing the workouts for each individual. [00:43:16]

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