Episode 112: Craig Ballantyne

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Description: Elle Russ is in the studio today with fitness and personal development guru, Craig Ballantyne. Craig is the author of The Perfect Day Formula and has a set a goal to help 10 million people transform their lives, physically mentally, emotionally and financially by the year 2020.

Learn all about the “Five Pillars of Success” and how to become your best, and stay your best, in this eye opening episode.

Show Notes:

  • Who is Craig Ballantyne? [00:01:07]
  • What does it mean when you say, “Create rules for you life?” [00:03:49]
  • What are some rules about mornings? [00:06:05]
  • What is the philosophy about personal responsibility? [00:09:20]
  • How is it that Craig can say he doesn’t engage in confrontations with others in person or on line? [00:12:01]
  • Don’t let information gathering become a procrastination.[00:14:10]
  • What are the five pillars of success? [00:15:53]
  • What should we do for each other? [00:18:19]
  • Everyone wins when you become a mentor.  What does that mean? [00:20:29]
  • What is on the Early To Rise website? [00:23:31]
  • How important is it to share you goals? [00:26:10]
  • It is so important to have a vision for your life. [00:31:21]

Selected Links from the Episode:
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Craig Ballantyne
Perfect Day Formula
5 Pillars of Success

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2 thoughts on “Episode 112: Craig Ballantyne

  1. Elizabeth Resnick

    Finally took the time to listen to this interview…wow! Love it! I am a 4 am riser too and can totally relate. There is something magical about those early morning hours. This pulled together so many great ideas, like rising early, writing out goals, andfocusing on the most important thing first. Love how Craig started out with fitness and gradually pulled everything together. This is another book I have to read! Oh, and agree with Craig that after reading a book you need to implement what you learned…not just move on to the next book


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