Episode 114: Brad Kearns & Elle Russ on Burnout and Fatigue


Description: Hosts Elle Russ and Brad Kearns talk about the common condition of adrenal fatigue and burnout—how to notice it and take corrective action with diet, exercise and lifestyle behaviors. Elle mentions some symptoms of adrenal fatigue, such as exhaustion in the morning and getting a second wind after 6 PM. While there are all kinds of products and remedies targeting the adrenal issue, Elle says focus on three things to give your adrenals the TLC they need: Vitamin B-complex, Vitamin C, and quality sea salts. Behavior suggestions include: sleeping more, cutting workouts back until you feel great at rest, napping whenever you need to, and becoming fat adapted through Primal eating. Late in the show, the conversation segue’s into a focus on Vitamin D and it’s widespread influence on health. Get tested and get your levels up over 70 ng/ml as recommended by Vitamin D advocates.

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Show Notes:

  • What is it we don’t realize about burnout? [00:01:30]
  • What are the symptoms of adrenal fatigue? [00:03:02]
  • Some people feel very overwhelmed by very small tasks. [00:07:56]
  • Being sensitive to light or sound is another sign of adrenal fatigue. [00:08:33]
  • Being sensitive to smell also is a sign. [00:09:01]
  • Are there supplements that can help support the adrenal glands? [00:09:25]
  • Cancel the negative things in your life that cause you stress. [00:12:35]
  • How does one cope with the stresses of modern life? [00:16:43]
  • What are the renal glands exactly? What does cortisol do? [00:17:50]
  • People should feel refreshed and energized after exercise. [00:21:53]
  • How important is ones blood sugar level? [00:22:58]
  • If you are hungry after a workout, look at that as a signal that you are not a fat burner. [00:26:05]
  • How does one self-regulate the appetite?  [00:29:01]
  • Vitamin D is an immune booster, especially for people in the northern hemisphere with a shorter sun exposure. [00:33:07]
  • Beyond your regular medical care, it is important to monitor your body on your own. [00:41:01]

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One thought on “Episode 114: Brad Kearns & Elle Russ on Burnout and Fatigue

  1. Jimmy Smith

    I really think the topic of adrenal fatigue often gets under played. Are we looking at a health state that eventually medical practitioners will diagnose? Who knows but we’re seeing all types of biomarks on athletes with dysregulated blood sugar, thyroid issuses and hormones out of order. Is it the training? Is it too much of a restrictive diet? Maybe it’s both but I do think the topic of adrenal fatigue and how it impacts all of our bodily systems is important.


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