Episode 122: Richard Veech

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Host Elle Russ sits down with Dr. Richard Veech, who has been a National Institute of Health scientist for over 45 years, and both a research biochemist and a medical doctor. Dr. Veech figured out a way to bottle ketone fuel, in a fat-free, salt-free, FDA approved concentrated food. So we’re going to be talking a bit about that, as well as his vast research on ketosis.

Not sure what ketosis is? Is is safe? Can you treat insulin resistance with ketosis? These questions and more answered today!

Show Notes:

  • What is ketosis and how are ketones used in the body? [00:01:13]
  • What is the difference between ketones and glucose?  [00:02:33]
  • How did Dr.Veech get into researching ketones in the 1960s and what were some of the theories then? [00:04:48]
  • Who is Dr. Mary Newport and what is her story about her husband with Alzheimer’s and ketones? [00:06:54]
  • What is the Krebs Cycle and how it is the major producer of cellular energy? [00:10:59]
  • What did you discover that would help with traumatic brain injury? [00:12:47]
  • What did the diets of our hunter-gatherer ancestors look like in regards to carbohydrates?  [00:16:37]
  • What was it like for Dr. Veech to be in ketosis? [00:21:50]
  • Why does Dr. Veech think fat is a problem? [00:24:00]
  • What are some of the other metabolic conditions that benefit from ketosis? [00:25:40]
  • What is the comparison of some of the ketone products that are for sale and what you produce? [00:27:45]
  • What are some things people can do to get into ketosis? [00:30:41]
  • What are his thoughts about the whole primal/paleo premise? [00:36:30]
  • How long should someone be in ketosis? Is it safe? [00:38:14]
  • Can you actually treat insulin resistance by ketosis? [00:41:08]
  • Are urine strips a good measurement for ketosis? NO!! [00:42:28]
  • How does diet affect our adrenals and cortisol? [00:43:50]
  • What does the future look like with all this research Dr. Veech has been involved in? [00:45:47]

Selected Links:
Ketone Esters
Dr. Hans Krebs
Mary Newport
Dr. Richard Veech

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2 thoughts on “Episode 122: Richard Veech

  1. Laura Sargent

    Thank you thank you thank you for the interview with dr Richard veech. Loved it., Need more of that

    Keep up all the good work,

    Thank you
    Laura Sargent

  2. Carrie


    Thank you for what you do! I am hoping you could pass my contact info on to Dr. R. Veech. I heard his talk radio show with Bulletproof radio. I am very interested in getting funding for Dr. Veech’s process of the Keytones and the corn industry.
    you have my email info.

    thank you and warm regards,


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