Episode 121: CJ Hunt


Description: Host Elle Russ sits down with CJ Hunt, the writer, producer and host of the break out film hit (and first Paleo documentary), The Perfect Human Diet, and author of the how-to companion guide of the same title. Graduating Summa Cum Laude in Electronic Communication Arts BA Radio /TV from SFSU 2007, CJ has had a career that spanned motocross racing and theme park announcer to over 20 years in broadcasting, with voice-overs, TV host, television and movie actor and author of two previous books on diet and nutrition.

The Perfect Human Diet was filmed in English (Stereo, CC), but is also available in iTunes Subtitles: Danish, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish. Thai, Traditional Chinese.

Show Notes:

  • What happened in your life to bring you to this search for the perfect human diet? [00:01:27]
  • After your experience with death, what did you learns from your experiments with diets? [00:05:44]
  • What is the shocking 9/11 and obesity analogy you made in the film? [00:08:40]
  • What are reports on research about vegetarianism that you show in the film? [00:14:25]
  • Can you discuss the comparison between herbivores and carnivores? [00:16:45]
  • The development of the brain was possible because of the high-density nutrients. [00:19:56]
  • Is it true that every meal should start with protein? Protein is time-released glucose. [00:24:31]
  • Until the advent of agriculture, there was no arthritis. [00:31:56]
  • What about potatoes? [00:36:24]
  • How hard was it to change the pattern of a lifetime of eating? [00:40:26]
  • He talks about fasting and how that didn’t work for him. [00:59:36]
  • When he changed from vegetarian to eating fish and meat, what changes did he see? [01:02:28]
  • The film, “The Perfect Human Diet” shows people the evidence about the benefits of paleo. [01:04:53]
  • The media attitude has not helped to expand the new research on nutrition. People don’t want their belief systems challenged. [01:08:16]

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The Perfect Human Diet
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One thought on “Episode 121: CJ Hunt

  1. Doug

    Just finished the podcast, uncanny. I too have IHSS ,a rare but textbook condition. As well I am 63 years old,and have a history of athletics as well. My septum continued to grow to the point that walking on flat ground would give me lung burn and my beautiful wife would have to push me up hill. I, luckily, have not had cardiac arrest but have been defibrillated at least eight times. Anyway, a myectomy in Toronto 8 years ago greatly improved the condition.
    Coincidentally I also finished a podcast with Dr.Greger today. He is an avowed vegetarian and his frequent videos are always quoting directly from studies. CJ and Elle also talk about “evidence based” studies but do not quote any directly. So how about a discussion between Dr.Greger and CJ or Mark? Both parties submit their studies in advance to each other so that they can come prepared for a fruitful discussion. This could be of great benefit to all your listeners.


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