Episode 130: Cara Haun

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Description: Host Elle Russ sits down with longtime friend, and Paleo Thyroid Solution success story, Cara Haun. Cara was mistreated with Synthroid (T4-only/Levothyroxine) for hypothyroidism by an uninformed endocrinologist for eight years, and during that time suffered from miscarriages, asthma, a variety of food and other rare allergies—along with weight gain, depression, and severe exhaustion. Finally, another doctor (a D.O.) tested her thyroid properly and took an in-depth vitamin/mineral/antioxidant blood test. The results were shocking. The D.O. discovered Cara not only had Hashimoto’s disease but that due to her endocrinologists’s failure to diagnose her properly—combined with medical mistreatment over eight years, Cara had developed the immune profile of someone who had just gone through chemotherapy!

Cara immediately ditched her endocrinologist in favor of a new doctor who started her on a compounded T4/T3 hormone combination, along with supplements, to support her drastically low mineral and nutrient levels. Cara‘s health was finally restored, hypothyroid symptoms vanished, her allergies and asthma disappeared, and she has been thriving ever since.

However, despite losing the hypo weight and remaining slim and trim—Cara was still a chronic cardio, grain-eating sugar-burner. Two years ago, she went primal and the experience has changed her life in profound ways. Aside from the benefits and joys being a fat-burner, Cara has experienced even more improvements in her health and life…most significantly, a drastic reduction of her Hashimoto’s antibodies due to the elimination of grains.

Show Notes:

  • What symptoms happened to Cara that led her to seek medical help? [00:00:44]
  • What kind of responses did she get from her endocrinologist? [00:03:48]
  • How did she get diagnosed with Hashimoto’s? [00:06:54]
  • What happened with all her allergies? [00:12:11]
  • What happened when Cara and her husband quit grains and started eating more primal? [00:16:01]
  • Why did she cut down on her vigorous exercise regimen? [00:26:09]
  • How does the change in lifestyle work for Celiac disease? [00:27:40]
  • What are some of the primal style foods that have enhanced her eating? [00:30:34]
  • What does one say to people who are resistant to giving up grains? [00:33:02]
  • How does this problem with the thyroid effect a patient’s life?  [00:37:12]
  • What would Cara like to say to the listeners who may be suffering from some of these symptoms? [00:47:54]

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3 thoughts on “Episode 130: Cara Haun

  1. Michaela

    I loved listening to this episode. It was like you were talking directly to me, the symptoms were all so familiar. I knew that my antibodies (both 1.000) were high, and ferritin low (20), but never totally got the connection that this is the reason why I can’t concentrate, have so little energy, and a long list of other things… My doctor just said he’s happy that my ferritin level went up.

    1. eric

      My girlfriend is dealing with hashimoto’s and has been having some bad side effects. She has a very good diet and nothing seems to be helping. The doctors have not been helpful and don’t seem to be too worried. They just tell her its stress at this point. I was hoping that I would be able to ask you a few questions via email and talk to you directly.

      Thank you for your time


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