Episode 136: Beverly Meyer

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Description: Elle Russ chats with Beverly Meyer about the importance of vitamin K2 for all humans – children and adults. Beverly Meyer is a natural health practitioner and podcaster. She is the host of he “Primal Diet – Modern Health” podcast. The show reflects her 30 years of experience as a naturopathic practitioner and Primal/Paleo food lover. Her video DVD, The Diet For Human Beings, teaches the how’s and why’s of the Primal/Paleo Diet, and is ideal for sharing with friends and family. Her motto is FOOD FIRST, and new clients catch an ear-full on why changing their food is the fastest way to start restoring health and body composition.

After a successful but exhausting career in business, Beverly began practicing as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist in 1985. Her personal goal was to restore her immune system, adrenals and celiac-damaged gut. Her award-winning blog, newsletter, Twitter and Facebook pages offer up-to-date info on running your own lab work, creating a personalized Gluten Free Paleo diet, and restoring hormones and the immune system.

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