Episode #19: Solving Leaky Gut with Steve Wright

pb_podcast_banner_E19Are you suffering from the growing leaky gut epidemic? Click here to find out, and to access Steve Wright’s Solving Leaky Gut program.

Description: “Leaky Gut” is the common name for intestinal permeability, where the digestive tract becomes damaged and permeable. This happens from the ingestion of objectionable foods – mainly gluten, as well as from traumatic brain injuries/frequent concussions, excessive NSAID use, excessive alcohol consumption, and poor sleeping habits.

When leaky gut is developed, toxins, food particles, bacteria and leak out of the digestive tract into the bloodstream, triggering an undesirable immune response (note that 80% of immune system located in intestinal tract). The immune system responds to this invasion of foreign agents with systemic inflammation, setting the stage for an assortment of health problems. In many cases, the inflammatory cascades cause chronic diseases in the area of your genetics that is your “weakest link.” It could be actual digestive conditions like celiac or IBS, or it could be arthritis, ADHD, allergies, asthma, or thyroid conditions. Leaky gut is becoming increasingly linked to heart disease, cancer and numerous other serious health problems.

Zonulin is the substance that triggers leaky gut; it directs the “tight junction” cells in the intestinal lining to open up undesirably. Chronic cortisol production is also involved in the leaky gut story. Steve Wright discussed a couple tests for leaky gut that are okay but not perfect. One test measures rate of sugar absorption, while another tracks antibodies in the bloodstream.

Listeners who think they might have leaky gut should visit Solving Leaky Gut. Here you can learn extensive details about this condition, take a quiz to determine if you have it, and also enroll in an extremely detailed multimedia educational course that will provide you with all the tools and information you need to identify your particular vulnerability and make decisive lifestyle changes to quickly heal your gut and regain your health. Mark and Steve emphasize that many people are not aware they have the condition and are suffering accordingly (including Sisson himself for many years before he eliminated grains). Take a few minutes to review the information here, as it could be tremendously beneficial to your health.

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