Episode #20: Listener Questions & Answers with Mark Sisson


Description: Mark gets back into the Q&A rhythm with some great commentary on an assortment of questions related to peak performance and Primal living. We begin by reviewing a unique training approach where you “stack” hard workouts on consecutive days, which allows for additional recovery time afterward, and also respects the idea that stress hormones flow for a sustained period of time after challenging workouts. Then, we discuss the importance of maintaining intensity during tapering to preserve blood volume for peak performance events. Mark also examines the dilemma of whether to refuel with carbs after tough workouts or to fast to optimize the flow of adaptive hormones into the bloodstream. This leads to the topic of how you can adopt an intuitive eating and exercise approach, which helps with disciplining for healthy habits. Mark then closes the show with a discussion on how endorphins can have pro and con effects on the body.

Topic timestamps:
Stacking the workouts: 00:39
Benefits of fasting in conjunction with exercise: 10:08
Reaching ketosis: 17:17
Developing a reference point: 28:47
Good news/bad news – body masks pain: 29:20

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