Episode #232: Brad’s Experiment With Increased Caloric Intake

Description: Host Brad Kearns talks about his month-long and still running experiment with increasing his overall caloric intake (and consequently allowing for an increase in carbohydrate intake). The experiment was inspired by his NourishBalanceThrive.com consultation with Dr. Tommy Wood, the content of which was presented on a previous Primal Endurance Podcast. Brad’s detailed NourishBalanceThrive test results suggested some deficiencies that might be righted with custom supplements as well as a superfood “green” smoothie.

Brad embarked on a grand experiment to significantly increase his overall food intake—of course focusing on highly nutritious foods with little or no empty calories. Brad reports an improvement in athletic performance and especially recover. He went all-in with this test, including indulging in fabulous Las Vegas buffets, occasional carb binges, and big-time green smoothies in the morning. The early results of the experiment pose an interesting question: could there be a different set of rules and decision-making processes for someone in the category of optimal body fat, good blood numbers, and ambitious athletic goals, versus someone with metabolic damage and/or wanting to reduce excess body fat? Brad and Dr. Lindsay will look into this matter with further research and self-experimentation (stay tuned for a future show where Lindsay varies fat intake up and down from daily expenditure level to track effects on blood ketones). 

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One thought on “Episode #232: Brad’s Experiment With Increased Caloric Intake

  1. Liver King

    I’ve never commented here before but I’m a huge fan… I love your contribution to our species.

    Yes, the biological law of accommodation applies to all facets of life… training, nutrition, sleep even.

    My morning shake is way better than yours! It’s also more delicious!

    About creatine… I had a methylation issue that I resolved with the addition of Liver, Bone Marrow and a little creatine and choline. Did you know that a good 40% – 50% of methylation resources are used to synthesize creatine…. If we give our bodies the creatine that it needs, our methylation machinery improves.

    Keep up the amazing work that you do!


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