Episode #26: Introducing Dr. Cate Shanahan and The Primal Advantage


Description: Mark Sisson interviews Dr. Cate Shanahan to discuss the launch of the exciting new Primal Advantage metabolic consulting program. In this podcast, Dr. Cate discusses her work with elite athletes, such as Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers; how your dietary choices affect your metabolic function (especially how adding oft-ignored food categories like bone broth can help improve joint function); how mainstream medical care essentially ignores the role of diet in promoting health and preventing disease; how the Primal Advantage can help everyone, from athletes stuck in a performance rut, to people who have sustained significant metabolic damage from years or decades of poor food choices, or even people with serious medical issues taking Rx drugs.

To be clear, while Cate is a practicing family physician in California, the Primal Advantage is a metabolic consulting service that cannot be construed as a formal doctor’s appointment (due to the remote nature of the interaction). However, the Primal Advantage allows Dr. Cate to work 1:1 with clients interested in improving their health, increasing energy, and minimizing disease risk factors through personalized metabolic consulting—while honoring the Primal/paleo/evolutionary health principles. This is a unique opportunity to engage with a Primal-friendly doctor instead of feeling the disconnection that is common when visiting mainstream practitioners.

The program, available here, includes a 90-minute telephone consult with Dr. Cate where she discusses your Metabolic Snapshot, a representation of your health in six essential categories. You will complete a detailed health questionnaire, obtain specified Primal Advantage blood tests, and complete a food diary so the doctor has plenty of information to work with during your consultation. Dr. Cate will help you make the right choices with your new knowledge and use diet and exercise advice to coach you towards becoming the healthiest person you can be.

Topic timestamps:
How Dr. Cate directs the Laker’s diet and metabolism: 00:34
Bone broth: 01:51
Little learning of nutrition in medical school: 04:43
Announcing a new program of consulting: 07:15
Metabolic snapshot: 09:40
What can client expect?: 14:06
Everybody is an athlete: 18:35
Is anyone’s case hopeless?: 19:38
Consultations largely based on diet: 21:37
Hormone levels: 22:11
Becoming a fat-burning beast: 24:41
Who is the target for this program?: 25:31
How do you work with athletes individually?: 27:35
How do you work with someone in poor shape?: 29:45

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2 thoughts on “Episode #26: Introducing Dr. Cate Shanahan and The Primal Advantage

  1. Alisa


    what a great podcast. I am a former tennis player and now my husband and I doing triathlons. We have been on Paleo/Primal for about 2 years. Intuitively we started eating like that. Everybody thought that we are crazy when we had a big steak for dinner before the marathon race and nothing in the morning. So cool to see athletes start eating like that. It is a great example for kids also who looks up to those basketball players.

  2. Brad

    Man o’ man is this podcast gaining some momentum. I already consider Mark and crew to be absolutely knowledgeable on the subject of healthy living, but the fact that you’re pulling in tons of medical professionals that support the research and findings is incredible! Keep up the good work all!


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