Episode #265: Jezlan Moyet

Elle Russ chats with Jezlan Moyet – host of Good Morning LaLa Land…the first live-streaming daily talk show in the world.  Good Morning LaLa Land focuses on discussions around current events, hot topics, and guest interviews through a positive, uplifting, and inspiring lens.  In this very moving podcast episode, Jezlan shares a personal health journey with a freak accident that led to a permanent physical disability.  Jezlan and Elle discover on air for the first time that they share a similar physical disability, both completely unaware of the other’s plight before this episode.

Jezlan is an entertainment correspondent with red carpet, press junket, and live event hosting experience at conventions, and fashion shows. Jezlan has partnered with Focus TV Network, an affiliate of Focus Magazine, as a content creator and contributor. Jezlan has been featured on the cover of international magazines, newspapers, and she has been a featured guest speaker at many motivational events and conferences. Subject-matter expert media appearances have included: Every Way Woman, Fashion TV, Millennial Life, Good Morning LaLa Land, Focus TV, The Washington Post, and more.

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FB: https://www.facebook.com/decatorj
Twitter: @JezlanMoyet
IG: @Jezlan
Good Morning LaLa Land on FACEBOOK

Connect with Show Host Elle Russ:
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One thought on “Episode #265: Jezlan Moyet

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