Episode #43: Interview with Jonathan Bailor, Author and Founder of Sane Solution


Description: Brad and Mark sit down with New York Times Best Selling author, and creator of the website Sanesolution.com, Jonathan Bailor: a nutrition and exercise expert who uses modern science and technology to simplify health.

First, they discuss how Jonathan came to do what he does. He discusses his early days as a trainer who recommended eating less, and working out more—a philosophy that just made people sick and sad.

Second, they discuss the flaws of the calories-in vs. calories-out philosophy and why it usually does more harm than good when it comes to achieving and maintaining weight loss.

Next, they talk about the importance of avoiding the bad things in our diet and lifestyle, rather than looking for a panacea to good health. This leads into a discussion about the influence of genetic predispositions and how that constrains our control over our health.

Finally, they talk about how mental health affects physical health, why drastic dieting can be counter-intuitive, and the importance of maintaining movement throughout the day.

Topic timestamps:
Why he does what he does: 02:01
If we know what works: 04:13
It’s not about calories only: 07:07
We used to die of natural causes: 09:50
Get out of your own way/Humans are robust naturally: 11:42
Familial predisposition cannot be overlooked: 13:50
Hereditary diabetes: 16:13
Scientific issue not a moral issue: 19:09
Operating on a biochemical level: 20:02
Complicated biology made easy: 22:40
How much is thought involved in weight loss: 24:43
Yo-yo dieting studies: 27:30
Exercise vs. activity: 33:34
Bipedalism: 35:29
Exercise prescription: 37:18
Sane Solution: 38:21

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2 thoughts on “Episode #43: Interview with Jonathan Bailor, Author and Founder of Sane Solution

  1. GTR

    There was a big criticism of Jonathans theories by expert bodybuilders, related to his demonization of potato/starch, and while promoting Satiety/Agressivness measurments hiding from the public information that FAT gives lower satiety, and is of higher aggressivnes than potato he demonized.

    Jason Blaha
    Alan Aragon

    It looks like the dietary experts fed up up to the point of being allergic to anti-carb messages.

  2. Keith

    Multiple Personality Disorder (or Dissociative Identity Disorder) is not Schizophrenia. It has symptoms that are similar, and is often mistaken for that, but they are not the same disease.


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