Episode #44: Interview with Mark Allen – Triathlon Legend, Author, and Coach


Description: Host Brad Kearns catches up with Mark Allen, the greatest triathlete in history, who has a record six victories at the Hawaii Ironman and ten victories at the Nice, France World Long Course Championship. Today, he is a popular triathlon coach at MarkAllenCoaching.com, TV commentator, corporate speaker, author, and presenter of “Fit Soul, Fit Body” retreats with Brant Secunda, a Huichol shaman and healer.

First, Mark talks about the importance of releasing attachment to outcomes and being committed to the enjoyment and appreciation of the process. He discusses how, after a series of unfortunate setbacks, Mark’s first victory in 1989 precipitated five Ironman attempts before he retired at the top of his game at age 39.

Mark talks about balancing the pursuit of extreme endurance goals with maintaining health and how research on Heart Rate Variability has been a great breakthrough in monitoring stress and planning training.

Mark and Brad discuss the importance of sleep when training and Mark elaborates on how he was able to live a normal, laid back lifestyle once his grueling training sessions or competitive seasons were over.

Finally, they discuss how Mark has released a book called The Art of Competition, which blends stunning nature photography with inspirational quotes chosen by Mark for their significance to competitors seeking a healthy perspective and inspiration to pursue athletic goals.

Topic timestamps:
Who is Mark Allen?: 01:12
Life lessons learned: 04:00
Tuesday Run lesson: 06:37
Importance of sleep: 08:34
“Fit Body, Fit Soul”: 18:11
Mark’s coaching lessons: 21:33
“Art of Competition”: 25:40
Pursuing fitness goals: 28:20

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