Episode 45: Interview with Rich Wilson, Vendée Globe Skipper


Description: Host Brad Kearns talks with Rich Wilson, a Massachusetts-based sailor who completed the incredible Vendée Globe—a 28,000 mile solo round-the-world yacht race—in 2009. Rich was the oldest of 11 finishers at age 58.

Inspired by his cousin and serious Primal enthusiast, Rick Simpson, Rich is embracing many of the Primal Blueprint laws as he prepares for his second attempt at the race, since his physical condition is paramount to surviving the Vendée Globe.

Rich has a charity called SitesAlive.com where he has developed a comprehensive middle school student lesson plan based on his racing exploits. Students learn geography, math and other subjects through an integrated experience of plotting and evaluating Rich’s progress during the event.

The two discuss, in detail, what preparation is required for the race, what the harrowing event entails, and how Primal Blueprint principles intersect with training for it.

Topic timestamps:
Vendée Globe Around-the-World Yacht Race: 00:58
Out of France/supportive people: 03:02
Communication with schools: 04:10
Few people have done this: 08:06
Lack of sleep: 09:38
Malfunction of the boat: 11:23
Asthma as child/sea helps: 13:59
Diet: 16:58
Getting fit/preparation : 18:32
Recovering: 22:23
Sitesalive.com: 23:38

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