Episode 61: Abel James


Description: You won’t want to miss today’s special episode, hosted by Mark Sisson himself. He has a lively discussion with his good friend and guest, Abel James, a bestselling author, musician, speaker, and entrepreneur. As the number one rated health podcast in more than eight countries, Abel’s award-winning web series, Fat-Burning Man, has helped millions reclaim their health with outdoor adventures, cutting-edge science, and ridiculously good food. When his debut cooking app, Caveman Feast, bested The Food Network, Nickelodeon, and even Angry Birds with more than 1,000 5-star reviews in 24 hours, Abel became the first indie publisher ever to hold Apple’s #1 Food App and #1 Health Podcast at the same time. Among his accomplishments, Abel has presented keynotes for the federal government, lectured at Ivy League universities, and advised Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Shell, and Lockheed Martin. Now, he’s here on The Primal Blueprint Podcast to talk about his upcoming book, The Wild Diet, which you can pre-order on Amazon before its release on April 7th.

Show Notes:

  • What’s the Wild Diet and how does it help you burn fat? [02:00}
  • What comprises the largest portion of the Wild Diet? [03:23]
  • How’s the food different when you live off the grid? [05:45]
  • Thai food in Thailand vs. takeout in the U.S. [08:25]
  • The importance of slow food. [10:10]
  • Bringing back family cooking as an activity. [12:10]
  • Abel talks about living off the grid. [13:30]
  • How Abel built his interest in nutrition [18:45]
  • Discovering the ketogenic diet. [24:35]
  • Planning your fast around a hectic schedule. [28:40]
  • Healthy fat recommendations. [30:30]
  • Fiber and resistant starch: why’s it so important for omnivores? [34:00]
  • The importance of gentle, functional movement. [40:25]
  • Abel talks about jamming with the Tim McGraw band! [42:15]

Selected Links from the Episode:
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Compressed eating window
Resistant starch
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Tim McGraw
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