Episode 62: Listener Questions & Answers with Mark Sisson


Description: On today’s show, host Brad Kearns sits down with Mark Sisson to catch up on all the latest news at Primal Blueprint headquarters. They discuss the launch and overwhelming success of the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification program, the launch of the new Primal Kitchen line of foods (including the astounding success of Primal Mayo), and the upcoming titles from Primal Blueprint Publishing.

Mark also takes on listener submitted questions ranging from what to do when your weight loss has stalled, to the dangers of constant snacking. As always, he shares his own personal experiences, experimentations, and science-backed advice to help listeners lead a more Primal-aligned lifestyle. Today’s episode is chock full of essential information, so you won’t want to miss it!

Show Notes:

The launch of the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification. [1:04]
What’s the healthiest food grade oil available? [3:30]
Is it okay to slow your metabolic rate and gain weight in winter? [05:30]
Why Mark eats about 30% less than he used to. [8:50]
Calories in vs. calories out: fact or myth? [12:00]
What do you do when you stall at weight loss? [13:27]
The permissibility of carb refeeding and the importance of self-experimentation. [14:40]
Can you become insulin resistant on a very low carb diet? [16:25]
Liver insulin resistance. [18:49]
The danger of AGEs and endless snacking. [20:07]
What supplements are okay to take on an empty stomach? [21:35]
What are the long term effects of extreme weight loss? [22:17]
What are the benefits of a cold plunge? [25:40]
Leave a rating! [28:25]

Selected Links from the Episode:
Primal Mayo
Primal Blueprint Publishing
Arnold Ziffel
Primal Blueprint Expert Certification
The Primal Connection

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4 thoughts on “Episode 62: Listener Questions & Answers with Mark Sisson

  1. kem johnson

    We have a wood fired outside bath. We have far more trees than money. Anyway, I dissolve a kg or two of MgCl (dairy cattle supplement, less than fifty cents a kg) in the bath and soak under the stars at 40 degrees for a half an hour or so. That’s our way of getting a drugged sleep and keep ourselves topped up with magnesium.

    Maybe I should build a cold water dip tank next to it.

  2. Jacob

    After studying primal endurance I was committed. My first 4 weeks saw improvements almost daily. Weeks 5-6 I plateaued and weeks 7-10 I regressed and ended even slower than my first day! I don’t think I can go any slower without giving up on running because I am literally walking at least 1/3 of the time. Help!


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