Episode 88: Christopher Walker


Description: Host Brad Kearns talks to testosterone expert Christopher Walker, who details a remarkable story of self-healing from serious endocrine problems. Don’t flinch at the title—Chris’ approach is the opposite of the magic supplement obsessed blather you typically hear on the topic of testosterone enhancement. Chris was a college student at Duke and a hardcore triathlete when he first experienced some debilitating symptoms of low testosterone. When tested he was found to have a hideously low serum level of 11 ng/dl, where the normal range for his age group would be 400-1000 ng/dl. He was also discovered to have a pituitary tumor, which in addition to adverse lifestyle practices, was the cause of his serious disorder.

Chris boldly chose to forego the medically advised approach of either surgery or hormone replacement therapy and embark on a holistic lifestyle transformation. In a short time, he cured his condition and his testosterone level skyrocketed to 1192 ng/dl! Chris’s key to recovery included an assortment of holistic methods, including adopting a new empowering mindset and a diet full of primal-aligned foods.

Christopher offers these and other actionable tips for males to naturally elevate testosterone in today’s episode. Furthermore, testshock.com offers details about Christopher’s full program, including an excellent free print book (just pay S&H and he’ll mail you an actual book!) to get you started. So tune in to get a jump start on a common problem that may have a simpler (and more painless) solution than you might have thought!

Show Notes:

  • How did Christopher get into the testosterone teaching situation? [00:01:50]
  • How did his pituitary gland tumor affect his life? What were the symptoms? [00:04:48]
  • Because he was unwilling to take medication or have surgery, he altered his nutrition, his training, and his lifestyle to solve his own problem. [00:08:00]
  • What happened to his triathlon training during this time? [00:09:55]
  • What process did he use to take care of himself? [00:15:25]
  • How did his diet affect him? [00:17:05]
  • How was his change in training a big part of his life adjustment? [00:19:39]
  • How did changing his sleep pattern help regulate his testosterone output? [00:27:16]
  • How did Chris deal with the medical community’s disapproval of their advice? [00:31:33]
  • What are some actionable steps to optimize our testosterone? What about diet? [00:32:59]
  • Why is insulin sensitivity something important to look at? [00:39:11]

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Chris Walker

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One thought on “Episode 88: Christopher Walker

  1. steve

    His website is a ebook + program advertorial. I spent a lot of time trying to find any link to buying the printed book, for only the shipping and handling, but there isn’t anything. This is a huge cross promoting program, where almost all googled results lead back to the purchase page. What I like about Mark’s daily apple is the that the research is free. There are other products he sells, as well as certification. Can you guys at primal blue print get the link from Christopher for the book, and also, his ’email me’ link won’t work – Christopher@nogym.net

    Help me if I’m wrong here. He boosted his testosterone through cumulative increments (good for him :), and now he’s been selling that for years through many affiliated sites. Can he link to any studies that support his protocols? Or can he post his actual testosterone blood draws? Its just that there are so many sites that promise the same thing here.


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