Episode 89: Tommy Brice


Description: On today’s show, Elle sits down with Tommy Brice, one of California’s top primal-aligned physical therapists. He is a graduate of Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI where he attained a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology and a doctorate in Physical Therapy. Tommy’s focus is around orthopedic rehabilitation, sports medicine, concussions, manual therapy, grade five passive mobilization and practiced trigger point dry needling. But now, Tommy has been facilitating more Physical Therapy treatment with nutrition in the quest to treat the whole patient and help heal injuries from the inside out.

Elle and Tommy discuss how Tommy’s incorporation of a primal lifestyle has had a big impact on the patients in his clinic. More specifically, Tommy has seen dramatically improved recovery outcomes from various injuries, including faster overall healing times. The two of them cover topics ranging from pain management, injury prevention, proper exercise form, and the dangers of over-training. If you have a body, you won’t want to miss today’s episode!

Show Notes:

  • How did Tommy get into physical therapy and then the paleo lifestyle? [00:01:26]
  • What kind of health problems did Tommy have before he went primal? [00:05:58]
  • When did he notice the difference in his health? [00:06:51]
  • What are the most common kinds of injuries treated by physical therapists? [00:10:58]
  • Is CrossFit training a contributor to common physical injuries? If so, when? [00:17:42]
  • What are the perils of over-training? [00:19:12]
  • What is the proper amount of rest vs. exercise? [00:22:30]
  • What paleo improvements has Tommy seen in clients with pain? [00:27:05]
  • How could increasing muscle mass help with pain? [00:35:41]
  • The importance of posture and one’s awareness of how one moves. [00:36:47]
  • How does a person find the right physical therapist? [00:43:52]

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Tommy Brice

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