Episode #8: Listener Questions & Answers with Mark Sisson


Description: Mark Sisson takes questions from the audience relating to enjoying grains with no ill effects; effective decision making with your workouts to avoid getting sick or overtrained; how to motivate and inspire family and friends to go primal without turning them off; the best uses of Primal Calm and the beneficial effects of phosphatidylserine (including an extensive discussion on the importance of managing the fight or flight response and preventing chronically elevated cortisol levels); and how to deal with a tendency to get sugar cravings in the evening.

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Topic timestamps:
Reducing intake of grain products: 03:06
Body signals for appropriate time for workout: 08:47
Tips for motivating others: 15:00
Primal Calm for reducing stress: 18:52
Reducing cortisol: 25:09
Beware of overuse of cortisone: 30:55
Craving sweets/Snacking: 34:17
Chronic stress and sugar craving/good choices: 39:50
Coconut butter: 43:46

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