Episode 133: Eileen Laird

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Description: Eileen Laird is a writer, podcast host, and autoimmune warrior, who is reversing rheumatoid arthritis through the Paleo diet and lifestyle. She’s the author of the book, A Simple Guide to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol. Her popular blog, Phoenix Helix, receives 1 million unique visitors annually. There, she features recipes, research and personal stories about the autoimmune experience. She also writes Autoimmune Answers, a regular column in in PaleoMagazine, and is the host of the Phoenix Helix Podcast, the only paleo podcast focused 100% on autoimmune healing.

Show Notes:

  • What is her story with a struggle with Autoimmune Disease? [00:01:13]
  • What is the hormonal impact of Stevia? [00:04:12]
  • What about seasonings and nightshades? How can that affect your inflammation? [00:05:50]
  • Are coffee and cocoa triggers? [00:08:30]
  • How are dairy and gluten a problem? [00:09:52]
  • Watch out for additives. [00:12:26]
  • Has beef broth been shown to be helpful? [00:13:45]
  • What is the emotional and spiritual side of her theories? [00:15:48]
  • Byron Katie is a person who helps people examine their thoughts and gratitude. [00:24:52]
  • What can we do about having good will power and how about dealing with the people we live with? [00:33:08]
  • What is a vision board and how does it help? [00:40:10]
  • What are some great success stories? [00:45:18]
  • Never underestimate how much power you have to get well. [00:53:21]
  • What are the books Eileen has written? [00:54:07]

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