Episode 163: Dr. Gary Foresman

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Description: Elle Russ chats with Integrative Physician Gary E. Foresman MD about an often overlooked topic in thyroid discussion…HYPERthyroidism.  While Hashimoto’s disease, hypothyroidism, and Reverse T3 hypothyroidism are widespread and on the rise, having hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid gland) can be even more dangerous and problematic than having an underactive thyroid.  Too many doctors are uninformed on how to diagnose and treat the various nuances behind thyroid disorders—leaving millions of patients un-diagnosed or symptomatic.  Dr. Gary E. Foresman, MD, is not only a Primal functional medicine doctor well-versed in all things paleo/primal, but also an informed integrative physician who Elle Russ chose to interview for her book, The Paleo Thyroid Solution.

When Dr. Foresman opened a private practice, he quickly became dissatisfied with the inability of established Western medical treatments to effectively treat many of his patients—many of which suffered from thyroid disorders. Determined to help his patients, he began investigating alternative therapies and has since expanded his training in many systems of healing—not just through Ayurveda, meditation, and stress management, but also using botanical, orthomolecular and functional medicine systems. His precise, scientific mind, combined with a holistic integrative perspective, makes him not only an exceptional diagnostician, but also a skilled practitioner who can therapeutically synthesize optimal healing modalities for each individual.

More in-depth commentary on thyroid issues by Dr. Gary Foresman can be found in The Paleo Thyroid Solution written by Elle Russ.

Selected Links:
Dr. Gary Foresman MD’s Medical Practice
Contact or learn more about Elle through her website
The Paleo Thyroid Solution

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3 thoughts on “Episode 163: Dr. Gary Foresman

  1. Brooke

    Hi Elle
    In your pod cast I listened to to today you asked for any subjects we would like you to cover. I apologise if this is not the correct forum to post a suggestion.
    I work in an industry that is heavily invested in ‘vegan’ as a way of eating and since the launch of the film ‘Cow Conspiracy’ was launched there has been even more of a stronghold for the benefits of eating vegan. I understand there will always be a political reason as to why people eat this way but mine has always leaned towards the health benefits.
    Admittedly I idid try a vegan diet for a couple of weeks but have never felt so terrible in my entire life. I believe this could be the case because unlike many who start a vegan diet have an ‘unhealthy diet’ I already had ‘clean diet’ so did not see the benefits in cutting out the foods that were doing me damage (because I already had).
    I realise this is a touchy subject and sometimes the minority has a louder voice then the majority so sometimes it’s difficult to have actual facts available and ‘shine brighter’ then pationant enthusiast. My question is, is a veganism diet that is supplemented appropriately actually healthy long term? If so, what supplements are essential and if not what are the reasons to steer clear of this way of eating?

    Ps. GREAT podcast! Thank you for everything you do. You have changed my life! My health and my families health has never been better and it’s a direst result of me stumbling over this podcast 8 months ago

  2. Martha Holm

    Hello Dr Foresman
    My name is Martha and I am deaf. I brought a book “the paleo thyroid solution” and learned so many new things. It’s my 3rd bout of hypothyroid after quit smoking. I went back smoking because I was so miserable with hypothyroidism. I read that a chemical from tobacco (astabine) masks and helps with immune system. Is it common for people to develop hypothyroid after quit smoking? I quit smoking for good after 40 plus years. Another question I had hormones (estrogen 10mg and testerstone (100mg) pellets injected at the same time I took 1/2 grain nature throid (1st time) and 100 mg synthroid both.(too much t4?) I felt so hypothyroid. Dr changed to 5mg cytomel. It didn’t help and adviced me to take 10mg cytomel in mornings. I didn’t feel any improvement. I decided to stop taking synthroid t4 and take 10mg cytomel and 2.5 mg in pm T3 treatment only. Before the meds and hormones my lab results showed
    TPO -18 (0-9 IU/ML)
    T3- 147 (80-200)
    Ft3-3.7 (2.4-4.2)
    Rt3- 22 (9.0-27.0)
    I would like to know if estrogen hormone had interfered the thyroid hormone meds? I hope I didn’t mess up my thyroid by taking T3 only? I’m also taking methyl selenocysteine 200 mg 2x a day starting today. I would appreciate your insight on this. I thank you in advance for your time and help. Warm regards,

  3. Lucilei

    Great interview!
    I love listening to the podcasts with Dr. Foresman.
    Here with I would like to suggest a podcast about paleo and (pre)menopause.
    Lucilei (from the Netherlands)


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