Episode #164: Devyn Sisson and Kyle Sisson

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Description:  Elle Russ chats with Carrie and Mark Sisson’s grown children, Devyn and Kyle Sisson, about their new business endeavor – opening up a Primal Kitchen Restaurants franchise in Culver City, CA this Summer!  You will hear all about “growing up Sisson” in this episode as Devyn and Kyle look back on their lives and share pieces of wisdom and guidance from their parents, while also sharing their personal health journeys.

Selected Links:
Primal Kitchen Restaurants
Primal Kitchen Culver City, CA – FACEBOOK
Primal Kitchen Culver City, CA – INSTAGRAM
Devyn’s Book – Kitchen Intuition

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2 thoughts on “Episode #164: Devyn Sisson and Kyle Sisson

  1. Steve Johnston

    Loved this episode. Kyle, I’d love to hear more about your diet! How do you stick to primal principles without eating meat? My girlfriend is a vegetarian, and I really believe a lot of her health issues could be addressed by going primal. She seems to be showing a lot of interest in primal/paleo concepts (especially after seeing my transformation over the past 7 months), but I doubt she’ll ever eat meat.

    Side Note: I’m releally hoping a Primal Kitchen opens up here in Calgary!

  2. Michael

    Just heard the podcast with Kyle and Devyn. Very excited for your new ventures! And if Kyle ever feels the call to move close to his alma mater and open a store in SLO, he would be most welcome. 🙂


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