Episode #21: Chris Adams & Tina Leaman Talk PrimalCon & The Primal Blueprint Certification


Description: Chris and Tina, the Primal power couple from Phoenix, AZ, have a lively discussion about their long history as PrimalCon group leaders. Chris and Tina have attended all seven PrimalCons held, and list some of their highlights and humorous memories. Included are the Oxnard ocean plunge/jacuzzi sprint, where the resort jacuzzi (a 2 minute sprint from the chilly ocean) overflows beyond capacity; an impromptu Oxnard beach house party where 100 people danced the night away; the beautiful hike to Angora Lakes above Lake Tahoe; the amazing connections formed where strangers traveling from across the world become close friends and vacation together beyond PrimalCon; and the great work of presenter Angelo Dela Cruz, another 7 for 7 PrimalCon attendee, who starts each day off with his VitaMoves session and does 1:1 bodywork with guests to promote natural healing.

Chris and Tina then detail their role as beta-testers for the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification course. They, along with Primal Transformation Seminar presenter Mike DiLandro, became the first three graduates of the course. They provided intensive feedback on the text material, making suggestions for additions and clarifications. They, along with DiLandro, also scrutinized every test question to ensure fairness and relevance to the course. They describe how taking course renewed their enthusiasm for Primal living, and how the material will be appealing to a broad audience of not just trainers but all Primal enthusiasts.

Topic timestamps:
Welcome Chris and Tina: 00:26
First PrimalCon: 04:20
Favorite things: 07:12
Oxnard PrimalCon: 11:28
Angelo Dela Cruz: 18:00
Tahoe PrimalCon: 23:11
Tulum PrimalCon: 24:51
Primal Blueprint Certification Course: 25:33

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One thought on “Episode #21: Chris Adams & Tina Leaman Talk PrimalCon & The Primal Blueprint Certification

  1. Adam

    Great podcast! I haven’t been able to attend a Primalcon yet, but it was great getting to hear about them, I can’t wait until I can make it to one!

    At the end of the podcast you mentioned a meetup group in Phoenix…I live here in the valley, and I haven’t been able to find it yet, could you possible point me in the right direction? I’d love to get together with other people trying to live primal lifestyles!



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