Episode #22: Listener Questions & Answers with Mark Sisson


Description: Mark Sisson answers questions from listeners varying from eating green bananas in order to integrate resistant starch, to accepting legumes in the paleo diet. Mark also addresses relieving stomach acidity, intermittent fasting, and he takes a deep look at ketosis, with all the pros and cons. Then he answers the question you’ve all wondered about: How do you know when you have become a good fat-burner?

Topic timestamps:
Resistant starch: 00:45
Improving stomach acidity: 03:50
Travel tip: 08:21
How do you know when you are a good fat-burner?: 09:01
Ketosis: 12:04
Intermittent fasting: 14:59
Is it okay to dip in and out of ketosis?: 16:05
Legumes. Are they acceptable?: 19:32

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