Episode #23: Meet “Paleo Girl” Author Leslie Klenke


Description: Host Brad Kearns has a lively discussion with Leslie Klenke, who has just released her long awaited book, Paleo Girl. This truly is the first book in the Primal/paleo/evolutionary health space to target teenage girls, and Leslie does a masterful job speaking directly and emphatically to teens on issues that matter most to them.

The foundation of Leslie’s approach is to encourage teens to reject the superficial and judgmental elements of modern culture, and pursue happiness as the primary goal and motivator for healthy lifestyle behaviors and dietary changes. Leslie shares some of her own experiences struggling with yo-yo dieting and fatigue from poor lifestyle habits in college, and how she pursued a more sensible and balanced approach to healthy living; a journey that sent her west from her home in Ohio to Los Angeles, and eventually into the inner circle of the Primal Blueprint movement.

Topic timestamps:
How the process of this book for teen girls came about: 01:19
What is in the book? Mood/puberty/motivation: 03:49
Distorted cultural values: 05:53
Yo-yo dieting: 08:35
Going vegetarian: 12:28
Eating fat doesn’t make you fat: 16:02
Going to college: 17:26
Getting enough sleep: 17:56
How she built a community/success stories: 20:02
Good reading for parents: 21:23
How to contact Leslie Klenke: 23:00
Leslie’s voice works for her: 25:21
Leslie’s back-story: 26:25

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One thought on “Episode #23: Meet “Paleo Girl” Author Leslie Klenke

  1. Brad

    Amazing episode! I was hoping to maybe pick up this book for my wife, knowing it doesn’t necessarily fit her age bracket, but might definitely help her on some of the mental aspects. And I know she’ll be able to relate on some of the things you talk about.

    Leslie’s got a fantastic voice, I’m glad you had her on the show!


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