Episode #24: Mark Sisson’s Tips for Removing Excess Body Fat


Description: Mark Sisson talks about some of the stumbling blocks to losing that last 5, 10, or 20 pounds of excess body fat, and how to overcome them. Experiencing a plateau is common (especially when lots of weight has been dropped over a relatively short period of time), and continued progress requires attention to some of the finer details of healthy living. Beyond the Primal Blueprint eating strategy basics of ditching grains, sugars, and processed oils, and moderating carb intake overall by the Primal Blueprint Carbohydrate Curve, Mark addresses other topics like moderating all forms of life stress, building more muscle mass, avoiding chronic cardio, increasing all forms of daily movement, engaging in intermittent fasting, and cultivating a healthy attitude and positive mindset.

Topic timestamps:
How do you get beyond the plateau? How many carbs are you eating?: 00:44
Stressful life creates overproduction of cortisol: 05:02
Primal Calm: How does it work to moderate cortisol?: 09:19
Building muscle mass/getting toned: 14:10
Chronic cardio might be a problem: 16:19
“The Biggest Loser” TV show/more movement necessary: 20:23
Intermittent fasting: 25:05
Talking about the plateau: 31:01
Attitude and mindset: 32:51
The importance of sleep: 36:26
Sprinting is important: 39:06

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2 thoughts on “Episode #24: Mark Sisson’s Tips for Removing Excess Body Fat

  1. Shani

    Why not pitch to whoever produces Biggest Loser a primal challenge. One group does biggest loser and the other does primal. Follow them for a year and whoever has lasting results wins! It would be huge way to put the message out there.


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