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Episode 90: Stuart Tomc


Description: Today’s show features Stuart Tomc, a natural health aficionado and science guru who’s worked at a litany of blockbuster nutrition companies, such as Nordic Naturals, North American Herb & Spice, and, most recently, Cannavest. If you’re a science buff, and you’re ready to dive into the nitty gritty mechanics of the emerging science on CBD (cannabidiol) and omega-3 fatty acids, then you won’t want to miss this episode. First, Stuart sheds light on the optimal testing required to make sure you’re getting the omega-3 intake your body type needs. Then, Elle and Stuart dive into an in-depth review of the current scientific literature supporting the various benefits of compounds found in hemp. Those benefits range from neuroprotective, anxiolytic, seizure-reducing, and metabolic optimizing effects. Elle and Stuart go over the fundamental differences between the compound typically recognized in popular culture, THC, and the rich array of other compounds found in the plant that has an unmistakable history of controversy. So pop on your thinking caps, folks, and tune into this episode that doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to hard science!

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Episode 89: Tommy Brice


Description: On today’s show, Elle sits down with Tommy Brice, one of California’s top primal-aligned physical therapists. He is a graduate of Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI where he attained a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology and a doctorate in Physical Therapy. Tommy’s focus is around orthopedic rehabilitation, sports medicine, concussions, manual therapy, grade five passive mobilization and practiced trigger point dry needling. But now, Tommy has been facilitating more Physical Therapy treatment with nutrition in the quest to treat the whole patient and help heal injuries from the inside out.

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Episode 88: Christopher Walker


Description: Host Brad Kearns talks to testosterone expert Christopher Walker, who details a remarkable story of self-healing from serious endocrine problems. Don’t flinch at the title—Chris’ approach is the opposite of the magic supplement obsessed blather you typically hear on the topic of testosterone enhancement. Chris was a college student at Duke and a hardcore triathlete when he first experienced some debilitating symptoms of low testosterone. When tested he was found to have a hideously low serum level of 11 ng/dl, where the normal range for his age group would be 400-1000 ng/dl. He was also discovered to have a pituitary tumor, which in addition to adverse lifestyle practices, was the cause of his serious disorder.

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Episode 87: Brad Kearns and Mark Sisson


Description: Brad Kearns visits with Mark Sisson to discuss the delicate balance between striving for ambitious peak performance goals and pursuing longevity. Sometimes it’s a delicate balance that even the most experienced athletes might screw up by getting a little too ambitious with their performance goals and compromising health in the process. Mark mentions his lifelong athletic, competitive mindset that essentially leaves him with a 62-year-old body and a 21-year-old’s competitive intensity.

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Episode 86: Bill Grundler


Description: Host Brad Kearns catches up with CrossFit legend Bill Grundler, a 46-year-old retired firefighter and proprietor of CrossFit Inferno in San Luis Obispo, CA. Bill has defied the normal notions and realities of aging by competing in the Open division of the CrossFit Games—challenging the best athletes in the world despite having a couple decades of seniority on the pack. Bill subscribes to what he calls a firefighter mentality, where “you just get the job done. The fire doesn’t care how old you are.”

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Episode 85: David Epstein


Description: Host Brad Kearns welcomes the red-hot author David Epstein to the show, on the heels of his whirlwind global tour to promote his bestselling book, The Sports Gene: Inside the science of extraordinary athletic performance. This is widely regarded as the seminal book on the topic of genetics in sports, and in it Dave dispels many widely held misconceptions and prejudices that people harbor relating to how genetics affects athletic performance.

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Episode 84: Gabrielle Reece


Description: Today’s episode features Women’s Beach Volleyball League legend, fitness icon, actress, author, and social advocate, Gabrielle Reece. Named one of the 20 Most Influential Women in Sports by Women’s Sports & Fitness, Gabby first came into the spotlight for her prolific volleyball career. In 1997, competing with the best global beach volleyball players ever assembled, Gabby’s 4-person team took first place at the first-ever Beach Volleyball World Championships. She continued playing across the next decade until she was five months pregnant in the summer of 2007. Besides her time as a player, Gabby has been featured in feature films, top-rated television shows, and magazines.

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Episode 83: Katy Bowman & Mark Sisson


Description: On today’s special show, Mark Sisson and Katy Bowman discuss their exciting joint project, “Don’t Just Sit There,” which is a comprehensive multimedia educational course designed to help people overcome one of the major health hazards of modern life: prolonged sedentary periods that compromise your health at the cellular level. Katy is a biomechanist (someone who studies living structures like the human body), author, and popular blogger at Her focus is on how movement and variability are the keys to a healthy work environment. It turns out that true movement variability at work requires more than simply transitioning from a sitting to standing position at a standup workstation. And it’s not just about assuming the correct ergonomic positions at your keyboards, either. Anytime you have prolonged stillness, you are putting undesirable “loads” upon your cells that can lead to pain, dysfunction, and disease. This includes your eyes gazing at a computer screen at a fixed distance for hours.

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Episode 82: Dr. Loretta Breuning


Description: How much are we like our mammalian cousins in the animal kingdom? And what can they teach us about our mental and emotional lives? Elle Russ tackles these questions in a riveting interview with Dr. Loretta Breuning, blogger, former professor, and founder of The Inner Mammal Institute, which studies how our neurochemical makeup guides our feelings and behaviors in similar ways to our non-human relatives. Dr. Breuning began studying the brain chemistry of animals because she was not convinced by prevailing theories of human motivation. When she learned that our happy brain chemicals trigger survival behaviors in animals, she retired from her career as Professor of Management at California State University, East Bay to connect the dots. Now, her books and resources have helped thousands of people worldwide to make peace with their inner mammal.

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Episode 81: Chuck Hixson


Description: Host Brad Kearns joins Chuck Hixson, CEO of AVAcore Technologies in Michigan, exclusive manufacturers of a phenomenal recovery product known as the RTX (Rapid Thermal Exchange) cooling glove. The product was developed in consultation with Stanford University researchers who made a stunning discovery in the laboratory related to improving peak performance—dramatically—by quickly cooling body temperature.

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